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Get your individual endurance level tested - in order to optimize your training plan and to increase your performance.
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Lactate Threshold Test

A lactate threshold test helps defining your current training status, respectively your individual performance level. The gathered information about your lactate threshold and your physical capacity with regard to running performance enables the optimal training control according to your needs. In detail, based on the results training variables as running intensity (speed, heart rate), training frequency, rests or recovery phases and types of training loads can be optimized according to your individual training status. This will lead to an efficient increase in your performance level. This test is very benefitial for experienced runners as well as for beginners since the current fitness level can be determined and used as a starting point for the upcoming training.

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Lactate Threshold Test


One Lactate Threshold Test

including individual discussion of results and

of implications for the future training plan

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Lactate Threshold Test

During a lactate threshold test, the intensity (running speed) will be increased stepwise until you reach your maximal performance. Since „Analyz3d by Dr. Tobias Hein“ designed the lactate threshold test protocols according to the standards of „Swiss Olympics“ and the „Germen Society of Sports Medicine and Prevention “ (DGSP), the progressions in your endurance capability can be monitored over time in case regular tests.

Before the running protocol, the lactate concentration will be measured by taking a blood sample from the earlobe as baseline reference. Afterwards the running speed will be set on a low speed; 6 or 8 km/h. The running speed remains constant for three minutes and another blood sample will be taken et the end of this first interval. Further,  heart rate and the perceived exertion will be documented. Several 3minute-intervals with a step-wise increase in running speed will be repeated until the runners‘ maximal work load is reached and the runner has to end the test.

The whole lactate threshold test including a discussion of the individual results and the implications for the upcoming training period lasts about 60 minutes.



You should refrain from exercising the day before the performance test. On days 2 and 3 before the lactate threshold test, we ask you to perform only light training sessions so that you are rested and relaxed for the examination. This is very important for future testing, as it can ensure standardization of the entire process.

You will also receive a questionnaire a few days before the examination, which you must bring back filled out. If you answer one of the questions with „yes“, please contact us immediately. It may happen that we reserve the liberty not to carry out the threshold test with you, because a maximal performance test is not always  recommended and carries a certain amount of risk.

Please click here, in order to receive and download the questionnaire directly.


The lactate threshold test is performed in the motion analysis laboratory by „Analyz3d by Dr. med. Tobias Hein“ at Sempacherstrasse 24 in Basel and will be carried out on a treadmill according to a standardized protocol. Bring along running shoes and running clothes, as well as a second set of clothes. Shower facilities are not available on site.

Field testing

Lactate thrshold tests can also be performed outside the laboratory on a 200m or 400m track or on a previously defined route. Field tests are only offered on separate request for groups and a corresponding price.

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Training control - Parameters

Metabolism – Lactate

At rest and with a slight endurance exercise, the energy required for muscle contraction is covered by the absorbed oxygen, the aerobic metabolism. If the intensity of the load now increases, in the short or long term, the inhaled oxygen is no longer sufficient to cover the energy requirements of the muscles aerobically.
In this case, the human body can gain energy for an individually limited period of time even without sufficient oxygen. During this anaerobic metabolism, a waste product is produced, lactate („lactic acid“), whose concentration in the blood can be measured.


Individual Anaerobic Threshold

Individual targeted control of endurance training will improve improve lactic acid tolerance in the blood. Consequently, less lactate is produced for a certain running speed and the aerobic metabolic capacity is increased, allowing longer run in an aerobic state. The individual anaerobic threshold is defined as the point at which the metabolism passes from the aerobic to the anaerobic state, is used to assess individual performance. Meaning, intensities above the individual threshold (faster running speeds) lead to an increased production of lactate than the body is able to break down, which then acidifies the muscles and decreases their performance.


The lactate concentration in the blood during exercise allows to make statements about the individual metabolism of the athlete. For example, an aerobic training is required in order to burn calories in the form of fat or carbohydrates and to lose body weight.
Furthermore, it should be ensured that during the basic endurance training, the ndividual anaerobic thrshold is not exceeded and the muscles are supplied with sufficient oxygen. Scientific studies have shown that specific exercise at or above the individual anaerobic threshold significantly increases individual endurance performance and thus maximizes training effect. The optimal mixture of different training intensities then ensures the increase in endurance performance and mileage.

In summary, it can be said that lactation performance diagnostics can avoid over-exertion or under-exertion, so that the training can be goal-oriented and optimally controlled.

Evaluation and Training Recommendations

Following the lactate threshold test, your data will be evaluated directly and discussed with you.

This gives you direct individual training recommendations for controlling the future training sessions with regard to to running speeds and heart rates for different types of intensity levels such as extensive tempo runs, tempo duration runs, medium endurance runs (GA2, basic endurance 2) and regenerative long endurance runs (GA1, basic endurance 1).

In addition, you will receive competition forecasts for marathons, half marathons, etc. based on your current test results.


#1 – Basic

Lactate Threshold Test


One Lactate Threshold Test
including individual dicussion of your test results
and implications for future training plans
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#2 – Advanced



Two Lactate Threshold Tests
to secure the progressions in your endurance capability
within 12 months
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