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The Analyz3d-Running Analysis

Based on latest scientific findings, Dr. Tobias Hein developed a complex clinical-biomechanical screening protocol in order to analyze the locomotor system. This protocol is already in use and has been tested by international recreational and elite athletes: the „Analyz3d“-Running Analysis.

The Analyz3d-Running Analysis is the perfect running style analysis for recreational and elite runners and athletes who want to improve their running style or suffer from running-speficic overuse injuries as Achilles tendon problems or Runner`s Knee. Individual optimized training recommendations will help you minimizing your risk of an overuse injury, improving your running style and increasing your overall performance.

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Analyz3d-Running Analysis


the clinical-biomechanical running analysis

including numerous training recommendations

and an interactive web-report


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Running Analysis - Methods

The Analyz3d-Running Analysis combines clinical and functional tests which are used by orthopedics world wide in order to evaluate runners‘ mobility, flexibility and strength capacity (e.g. Functional Movement Screen®, mobee-fit®). The individual running style will be analysed at different running speeds using a unique camera system sonsisting of 2D highspeed cameras and a 3D motion capture system.

Consequently, deficits in flexibility, strength and stablity of running relevant muscle groups, joints and body segments will be detected. Due to the state-of-the-art 3D motion capture technology, Analyz3d offers a unique detailed insight into the biomechanical movement patterns  of your own body as well as an analysis of running relevant joint motions (over-pronation, stability of leg axes, etc.).

More information

Clinical-functional testings

The clinical examination of your ranges of motion and flexibility of running relevant joints and muscle groups will be carried out manually as well as with a sensor system according to standardised Neutral-0-Method in order to compare the results with reference values. Thus, we will be able to detect limitations or asymmetries between agonistic and antagonistic muscle groups or between both sides of the body. Asymmetries might lead to wrong movement patterns, to increased or incorrect joint loadings when running and finally to overuse injuries.

By using the Functional Movement Screen®, complexe motion tasks will be tested in order to evaluate the balance between flexibility, muscular symmetries and stability of your locomotor system. Individual deficits or asymmetries can be pointed out. Based on your test results, a graphical and easily understandable evaluation of your functional active muscle flexibility and mobility as well as scientifically approved training recommendations will be handed out to reduce the risk of developing a future overuse injury or to deal with a current injury.

Running style analysis

A unique camera system, consisting of 2D highspeed and 3D video cameras, will be used to record your individual running style while running on a treadmill with different speeds. These kind of cameras are usually used by the movie industry or by universities and other research facilities. Analyz3d operated with state-of-the-art 3D motion capture technology in combination with a whole-body analysis module in order to give a unique insight into the biomechanical movement patterns of your body and consequantly, to enable the analysis of all running relevant joint motions in all movement planes.

About 40 reflective markers will be attached to different anatomical landmarks on your body, based on which the movement of the pelvis and thorso as well as of hip, knee, ankle joints, shoulders, elbows and hands are calculated.

For the 2D highspeed video analysis, which is part of each running analysis, the running technique will be recorded from the front and back in order to analyse upper body and pelvis stability, arm swing, leg axes, foot placement and ankle stability.

With regard to injury prevention, the running analysis focuses on the frontal hip motion (hip adduction and abduction), the leg axes and the ankle stability. In contrast, with regard to running economy, the focus lies on the vertical movement of the centre of gravity, the arm and elbox movement and the touch-down angle of the feet. Since the motion of a joint directly influences the adjacent joint or body segment, coupling mechanisms of the whole body are always eveluated within the Analyz3d-Running Analysis.

Laufanalyse | Analyz3d Basel
Klinische Untersuchung | Analyz3d Basel
Laufanalyse | Analyz3d Basel
Laufbandanalyse | Analyz3d Basel
Bewegungsanalyse Basel | Analyz3d

Running Analysis - Evaluation & Report

The whole „Analyz3d-Runng Analysis“ including a final discussion of all results takes about 90 – 120 minutes.


Within the final discussion, all results will be reviewed and dicussed in detail. No questions will be left open. In a relaxed athmosphere, I will try to answer all questions without any intentions to sell another product. I will present different possibilities and training options helping you to work on your deficits and on your running technique. I will also give some advice about running shoes, their features and their possible benefits for your next purchase.


After several days, a final report including all results and training recommendations will be available as a download. Aditionally, the results of the 3D motion analysis will be displayed within an interactive Online-Report, presenting noteworthy results and more training recommendations and videos to improve your weaknesses, imbalances and running technque, if necessary.

Final discussion

Together, we will have a look on the recorded highspeed videos of your runs just after the recording. I will analyze your running style and explain all positive and negatives aspects of your individual technique. Further, I will try to explain how potential problems within your running technique might have been evolved. You will understand the biomechanics of running and how the clinical and functional test results can be linked to possible deficits and asymmetries within your individual movement patterns.


You will get specific training recommendations for your daily routines in order to improve possible muscular deficits or imbalances and consequently your running technique. I will also give advice about stretching and recovery options after intense running sessions. All of these recommendations are part of the „Analyz3d Running Analysis“ and will help you to understand your body’s actions, to minimize the risk of injury, to optimize your running style and finally to improve your running performance.

Final report

All test results will be listed in detail and compared to an injury-free reference of athletes within a final written report. Besides the interactive web report of the 3D motion analysis and the final written report, you will get all 2D highspeed videos and 3D videos recorded during the Analyz3d-Running Analysis. You will have a unique overview and analysis of your locomotor system and your individual running technique in order to be able to improve your running style and to reduce the risk of injury based on different training recommendations.

The training recommendation include exercises

  • for strengthening weak muscle groups incl. videos of the correct execution
  • for an optimal stretching and mobility work-out
  • for the perfect choice of new footwear
  • for insoles and physio therapy, if necessary
  • for recovery sessions using fascial release methods as e.g. BlackRoll® workouts



#1 – Basic

Analyz3d-Running Analysis



the clinical-biomechanical running analysis
including numerous training recommendations
and an interactive web-report


for 270CHF instead of 300CHF

Use Discount Code: happy19

#2 – Advanced

Analyz3d-Running Analysis

plus Personal Training (4x30min)


Running analysis plus Personal Training
running related strength, stability , stretching and mobility exercises
based on the results of your running analysis


just 500 CHF instead of 700CHF

In case of open questions or if you are interested in a free-of-charge meeting to discuss potential benefits,  click here >>